These Rules are meant to provide clarification regarding the use and occupancy of the facilities of Kootenay River RV Park and to establish rules of conduct for the good of all persons present on Park property. These Rules will be enforced to ensure and improve the quality of our Park, our environment, and our lifestyle.

Please note that the sites are only to be occupied, and their uses are restricted by the following rules. Residential tenancies do not apply.    

Kootenay River RV Park is not responsible for and assumes no liability for theft, vandalism, loss or other damages to property and/or injury to personal arising out of use of the facilities or caused by others while on the property. We recommend you carry adequate insurance for your property at all times.

The Term “Guest” as used in rules applies to the party signing the rule acknowledgement and all members living on the RV site.

Kootenay River RV Park reserves the right to:

  1. Determine who may and may not enter the Park, or control who may use the facilities.
  2. Eject any guest or visitors who, in the opinion of the Park are undesirable.

Visitors are allowed, and will be assumed to be visiting the guests of the lot which they are on. Guests will be responsible for all visitors to the park at all times. This includes ensuring they park in visitor/overflow parking lots.

Guests are not permitted to have visitors in their absence, without having prior arrangements made with the Park.

We are a quiet park; therefore, quiet time is all of the time. Guests are asked to keep all noise to a level that will not disturb other Park users. Please no radios, stereos, musical instruments, etc. Respect your neighbor. Common courtesy is expected at all times from all Guests and Visitors.

Rates are based on a maximum two person occupancy. Overnight visitors may stay a maximum of three nights per month. Extended stays will be charged for and must be registered into the office.

No guest shall be permitted to assign, sublease or rent their RV and/or RV site.

No person may pursue any business, hobby or other activity within the Park which may in any way create a nuisance or cause a disturbance to others that will obstruct or interfere with the right of others to use or enjoy the common areas or their respective RV site. A person’s activity may not in any way be harmful, dangerous or unsafe to the health, safety or welfare of any person or property within the Park as determined by management. They may not be in violation of any federal, provincial, or municipal law, code, regulation or ordinance. A nuisance is defined as anything that is visually or audibly offensive, that obstructs or interferes with the rights of others as determined by the Park.

Soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited within the Park.

Alcohol is to be confined to your site at all times. Alcohol is not permitted in any other area of the Park (office, washrooms and laundry etc.).

If smoking, please ensure that all cigarette butts are disposed of properly in an ashtray or can. By doing so, it improves the cleanliness of our park.

Barbeques or other grilling devices must not be placed on picnic tables. Please use your own personal table for barbeque use.

Please be respectful of the other guests in the Park, and avoid walking through occupied sites.

The speed limit in the park is 10km/hr as posted. Any damage to any vehicle will not be the responsibility of Kootenay River RV Park.

Off road bikes, quads, mini bikes, snowmobiles and all other un-insured vehicles are prohibited to be driven in any area of the Park.

Only one sleeping unit 20 years old and newer is permitted per site unless approved by the Park. In addition to the sleeping unit, only one primary used passenger vehicle may be parked at the site at any time. Space to park one additional passenger vehicle is available elsewhere in the Park. The site is not to have any vehicles “stored” on it at any time. If the Park has to tow a vehicle the costs will be billed to the Guest. The Park has the right to move any vehicles if it has a need to for emergency purposes. Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate boat trailers, utility trailers, car dollies, etc.

All canopies and shade structures must also have approval from the Park prior to placement. It is the desire of the Park to limit placement of temporary and unsightly canopies and shade structures due to aesthetic reasons.

No spotlights, floodlights or high intensity lighting may be installed on any RV and/or site.

We encourage the planting of flowers etc., but please do so into pots. This is limited to 5 flower pots and ensure the watering of the pots is done before 9am. Personal sprinklers or misters are not permitted as all lawn areas are maintained strictly by the Park staff.

Fences, tarps, glass, windbreakers and clotheslines are not permitted.

Weeding, edging, lawn cutting and watering will be done by the Park staff only please. Please help us by keeping the lot clean and uncluttered at all times.

Snow shoveling, sanding and salting of individual RV sites and pathways are the responsibility of the Guests. All roadways, sidewalks, and parking areas will be the responsibility of the Park.

Hose washing of vehicles or RV’s and running of generators is not permitted.

Repairing vehicles on RV sites, streets, driveways or parking areas is prohibited. A repair service or tow truck may be called to move your disabled vehicle to a place of repairs, but repairs may not be made on site.

No use of power tools ⁄ pressure washers ⁄ outside vacuums during tourism season please (April through October).

Hot tubs, wadding pools or swimming pools are not permitted.

All sewer hook–ups must be the “screw type” and water tight to meet municipal health regulations.

Winterizing including skirting and water service insulating can be done any time after October 1st. It must be removed in the spring by May 1st. For aesthetic purposes, the only skirting materials allowed to stay up year round are factory / professionally made vinyl products.

Pets (no guard breeds) are allowed at the discretion of Kootenay River RV Park and must be registered. Visitors pets are not permitted anywhere on the property.

When outside the recreation unit/vehicle pets must be leashed and attended at all times. No running loose, no access to office, washrooms or laundry.

Noisy, dangerous or unruly pets will not be permitted in the Park.

Cleaning up after the pets is the responsibility of the owner and droppings must be bagged and disposed of in the garbage bins.

The Park management shall have the right to enforce any current rule or regulation as listed and/or posted.